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Anand Raje is a technology entrepreneur and has keen interest in technology innovations. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science. He is founder of India Internet Foundation and represents ISOC Kolkata Chapter as Vice President. Co-founded technology firms RABT Technologies and BASIS Technologies. He was nominated by Internet Society to have a course on Next Generation Leaders Program on Internet Governance. He has worked on e-Governance citizen service projects. He has served as solution architect, application security framework designer and senior software developer from 2004 and started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011, focusing on developing solutions for local market needs. He is a visiting faculty at Central Detective Training School Kolkata, BPR&D, GoI for Cyber Crime courses and mentors students across colleges on Internet Protocols and Standards.Anand is working on a major initiative to increase participation of Indian Engineers in Internet protocol and standard making process, the project called IICB (Indian IETF Capacity building program), which aims to increase awareness of Internet standards and Protocols in engineering students therein increase participation in IETF activities. This project is approved by Deity, Government of India and taken up by ISOC Kolkata Chapter.

E-Connect North East – A project for North East citizens of India for increased Internet penetration, mentoring students for community projects, organizing technical seminars, workshops for technology outreach are some major community initiatives Anand is involved in.

In the past Anand has worked on e-governance projects like GIS Map Delivery System, Land Information System, Computerisation of Registration Documents, E-filling system for commercial tax department for Govt. of West Bengal.

All the views expressed herein this blog site is exclusively his and does not in any form or intent represent views of his organisation or any other organisation he is attached voluntarily.

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